It is important to take everything with a grain of salt. As my blog is being read, I hope this is the saltiness.

Everything I do, I do for God. This is not to say that I am perfect, nor to I pretend to be. But every teaching day, every moment with my roommate, every walk with my puppy, every weekend with my friends and family is a reflection of how I am with Jesus Christ my Savior.

So yes, when I am being utterly ridiculous and completely horrible: that is a reflection of my imperfect relationship with a perfect being who loves me unconditionally.

This blog evidences my mistakes and my triumphs. It’s made clear in typed font how my life is crazy and chaotic. It’s also very clear that I try really hard to be really good but I fall short of it every day. I roll my eyes at my students. I am selfish. I make fun of my roommate. And sometimes… I’m prone to swearing.

I can’t achieve goodness on my own, and I’ve given up trying. There are forces at work that I don’t understand — for better and worse. It is the good forces, my God, that bring those moments of joy and times of complete peace. It is also that God that brings rough times, in which I have learned to give it all up to Him.

My life is His anyway.

If my blogging doesn’t already proclaim this: know that it is these beliefs that drive me in all I do. And I do fall. And I do mess up. But He didn’t die for my sins because I was perfect. He died because we’re all just dirty beggers, needing to be fed and cleaned up.



Any thoughts?

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