No longer the newb as a teacher, I’m ready to face this fourth year of my career at Bethel High School with ready hands and a refreshed heart. I have found it appropriate to log my memories, mishaps, and adventures in a form for all of my friends and family to view. I hope to blog every teaching day as a review of my own mistakes and triumphs but also as a way to show the world that teaching is rough, it is messy, it is thankless, and half the time I don’t know what I’m doing, but it is also filled with funny students, important lessons, and fantastic coworkers.

Please leave comments and feedback and remember: though I tell my students “proofreadproofreadproofread,” I myself seldom follow that advice.


**Note: the comments, rantings, musings, questions, and answers are all mine and mine alone. They do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of my employer or community. Please be respectful of my intellectual property as posted here.**


2 thoughts on “anantibriefhistory

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