Stolen Material!

98% of what I do in the classroom is stolen material. Yeah, yeah, I preach at my kids all day long about stealing other people’s work. And here I am. Stealing other people’s work. So I thought I would cite two of my favorite heists!

Tracee Orman is a wonderful lady. If I can, I hope to meet her some day. She is working with Common Core standards and implementing them in SUCH creative and colorful ways! She has so many resources for interactive notebooks (a project I undertook last year, but haven’t quite perfected it or used it since…). I just used her “Roar” lesson which is absolutely brilliant. I started out my poetry unit using it as a way to get kids involved. They loved it. I frequently use her organizers. I just used one TWICE this week as we evaluated arguments in my traditional classes. They’re generic enough to work with anything you an imagine. I combine them with my PASS skill worksheets. Anyone who hates on me for using Common Core aligned worksheets needs to take a chill pill. The goal is the same: educate chirren. Seriously though, just check out her Pinterest and her Teacher-Pay-Teachers store. Brilliant.

Danielle Knight is also another very creative teacher. I just started stealing from her (and by steal, I mean pay for stuff from her…). She has such great ideas for flip books! I’m going to use her Lord of the Flies flip book this May, when I go through it with my traditional classes. It’ll be a quick way to keep all the info together. She has many other flip books and some good bundles for teaching individual ideas and lessons.

These ladies help me out so much in the classroom. What fun things have you “stolen” from other teachers?



2 thoughts on “Stolen Material!

  1. Oh man, my list is so long! I’m such a pack rat! 😉 I love Tracee’s and Danielle’s stuff too, by the way. I also use a lot of tech, so I like to “steal” from Alice Keeler and Caitlin Tucker
    I’m glad we don’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time, and I’m REALLY glad that so many teachers are willing to share (or sell for a modest price) their great lessons and activities online.
    Thanks for sharing!

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