How to Organize Your Life (or at least pretend to)

So with school ending, house-moving, and wedding-planning: my life is a hot mess.

binder coverI’ve gone through several types of planners (in just the last year, but ssh it’s not a problem, I can stop whenever I want). There was the small Moleskine with the weekly dates on one side and a full note page on the other. There was the full 9×12 weekly planner with HUGE monthly pages; three days on one side, four on the other (I wrote out all of my assignments in that one). There was the tiny cute ones with the elaborate pages and cute little folders. The teeny tiny one I could fit in my pocket. I recently found a landscape version of a normal planner, which I use for planning assignments. I’ve had them all!

After perusing several options online, purchasing a few templates from Etsy, I’ve finally settled on one:

my own.

That’s right. I’ve created my own planner! Isn’t it precious? I’m currently obsessed with the teal binders at Target and J+M. Precious.

binder inside

I’ve gone through three different versions of my daily pages. What I really needed from my planner was the ability to make long to-do lists, have a list of meetings, keep track of my Bible study, AND have a place where I can write special event type things. I couldn’t do all of those things in my tiny cute planner because what happened was just a mass of post-its, big and small, all over the pages until the pages were almost unnecessary! So, I came up with this (after much trial and error).

What I have is a HUGE to-do list, with priority classification and a box to check off (because who doesn’t love checking off boxes?!).

I also have a small section with meetings — whether it’s calling someone, meeting them, or taking something somewhere: I have it here! There’s a very designated area for the time and the meeting.

I also have this little box which is free to be used for WHATEVER. Packing lists. Grocery lists. Books to read. Etc. It’s cute! (Don’t you love that washi tape?)

to do listAnd then finally, I have the box for Bible Study. J and I are currently reading chronologically through the Bible this year. I use my app to keep track, but sometimes I just want to reference it real quick (and, you know, use a pen to mark it off!). So here, I write down about two weeks in advance what I’m supposed to be reading. It’ll also be helpful when I start other studies this summer/fall (Women’s Bible study, College Girls’ Bible study, spiritual development, etc).

calendarNow, those to-do lists are all fine and dandy, but I still need a big calendar to keep track of big events. I purchased this one on Etsy* and had it printed at DemCo on cardstock (so many prepositions). However, I’m quickly regretting it. It’s terribly cute! However, in a normal planner, which is smaller, a double sided calendar is a must. In a larger planner, such as this one, of my own creation, it’s hard to write on because of the big cute pocket in front which keeps post-its and markers. So, next year (or quite possibly very soon), I’m going to find a one sided calendar.

All that to say, this is still a work in progress. But I’m glad with what’s happening. With all that’s going on, it’s important for me to be and feel organized. (now if only I could focus my time on my to-do list and not on this blog-post…)

If you’d like a copy of the to-do list (not that it’s that fancy), please let me know. I’m happy to share!


Addition: here ya go! These are the PDF versions. This is the main Calendar: Planner Pages CALENDAR Notes Calendar along with the blank Notes page Planner Pages CALENDAR Notes Sheet1. Weekly, portrait only Planner Pages CALENDAR Weekly. Calendar is a funny word when you’ve seen it so many times. Use with cute, fancy pens and washi tape. Enjoy!


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