The Perks of Being a Grown-Up

Today is pay-day. And as per usual on pay-day, I am reminded of the drudgery that is adulthood:

  • In two days, my car and school loan as well as my credit card payments go out.
  • Rent is due.
  • My cupboards are bare.
  • I need to buy dog-food.
  • Christmas is coming up.
  • I should fill up my gas tank. Feenie is hungry.
  • My savings needs a steroid-shot.

Before I know it, 3/4’s of my paycheck is gone out into the wild somewhere, paying my debts and keeping life going in my small corner of the world.

That all to say, I do have a paycheck. I work hard for the money. I pour out my heart and my knowledge for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I prep and grade for countless more hours and days. I enjoy what I do and I’m compensated for it. The budget is tight, and let’s be honest: it’ll never be loose. But, it’s a good life. I have money to enjoy the weekend with friends, to get good gifts for my loved ones, and to enjoy life that is around me.

Being an adult is much harder than I was told it would be (and yes, I was warned). But it’s probably the most rewarding part of my whole life. So, dear soon-to-be-college-grads/my-old-residents-who-are-now-Seniors-at-OBU-and-are-terrified-of-the-thought-of-grown-up-life: relax. Pray for wisdom. Take time to smell the roses. Work hard. Keep up your friendships. Don’t worry that you’re not married and starting alone. Don’t worry too much about how much you don’t have. If you ask my roommate and me about groceries and meals on a budget, well those were the best meals of our lives (even the 4 weeks all we could afford for lunch was slim fast…). It’s actually a pretty amazing time. Life is pretty amazing.

Or should I say, God’s blessings in life are pretty amazing. So glad he takes care of me.



3 thoughts on “The Perks of Being a Grown-Up

  1. I think every adult gets that smack in the face after graduation at some point…it sucks but it’s life – you work and work and work for what? Your paycheck goes right back out and soon as it comes in, frustrating you to a fault.

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