Kiss Those Binders Goodbye!

I thought that by now I would be settling into a curriculum and not creating lesson plans anymore. Alas, that’s not possible. Every time I re-write a lesson plan, I come up with something else to do. By the time I’ve gotten through 4 classes of the “same” lesson plan, it looks NOTHING like it did when I first wrote it. There are post-its all over them and writing and scribbles and about two extra activities than were originally planned…

I’ve had binders with separate tabs for three semesters now. And I hate them. I can never get the right binder separators, I can never get kids to keep all of their things in their binders. It’s just hard.


And then I found this gem on Pinterest: The Curly Classroom. Not only is this woman’s hair BEAUTIFUL, but she is a BOSS in the classroom. I spent literally 2 hours reading her blog — and while I write blogs a lot and I look at educational blogs from time to time, I’ve never been HOOKED on one. I want to work with her. But since that isn’t possible, I’m going to steal all of her ideas.

I’ve stolen her interactive notebooks and I’ve changed quite a bit. I also plan on stealing her sentence analyzing process as well. It’s brilliant. I’ve started putting my lessons into this book as the semester goes along. I’m going to “beta-test” it on my new block section of English II next semester. I spent an entire week just creating this notebook and when I started getting some good pages, I ran up to Ms. Jessee’s room (the English I teacher) and breathlessly explained my idea. I’m unbelievably pumped about this. I think it’ll be a REALLY good way to keep track of student progress — and not just for me! The students themselves will be able to see exactly what they’re learning throughout the semester.

I plan on keeping a grade tracker sheet in the back of the book so the kids can keep track of assignments that are done outside of their notebooks. I also plan on using A LOT of interactive foldables in the book.

These are moments where I love my students and I love what I’m teaching and I love how I get to teach it.


Check out the rest of my Interactive English II Notebook HERE. There are explanations of what the sections are in the captions of each picture.


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