Viruses and other Illnesses

It’s a Monday.  I woke up today hearing creaks in my body that I’ve never heard before.  My throat is scratchy.  And I can’t seem to cover up the bags under my eyes.  Textbook Monday.  Also, I may be getting sick.

Monday: 1

Mandi: 0

I got to campus early enough to gather my thoughts and emotions before the day started.  I started my computer, opened the ProBoard software, looked over my lesson plans.  I even opened our teacherease program to take attendance.

Monday: 1

Mandi: 1

I have morning duty on Mondays so I spent the muggy remainder of my morning outside with the kiddos.  I was late getting to my door, which was locked, and all of the kids were snarky with me.

Monday: 2

Mandi: 1

And that’s when I sat down at my computer and saw the pop-up screen “internet.exe and active.exe have been closed due to malicious bugs.”  Say what?  I tried to open them again.  Nothing.  The “scanning software” opened but wouldn’t do anything until I paid them a handsome sum.  So that was a no go.  For the first ten minutes of class I had a panic attack.  I got out my laptop and opened the grade book online, took attendance.  All hope of a cohesive lesson was out the window.

Monday: 4

Mandi: 1

This moment, the climax of the teaching day, separates the teachers from the talkers, the educators from the speakers.  In other words, crap just got real.  I pulled out construction paper and markers for plot diagrams, made everyone move their desks, and we plowed through plot and setting.

Monday: 4

Mandi: 2

The kids were about as out of it as I am.  So I know I’ll have to revisit this tomorrow.  However, we did it.  I made it through the first 55 minutes of the day.  I know have coffee.  Here’s to all the teachers, businesspeople, and the general public who are facing #thestrug this morning.  It’s a rough life.


Monday: 4

Mandi: 3

Will Monday defeat Mandi?  Stay tuned.


Any thoughts?

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