The Second First Day

At the end of the school day yesterday, I went up to the new teacher’s classroom to see how her day had been. She’d had a amazing first day. I was so happy to see that she had such a good first day, remembering my own first experience as a classroom teacher. The chaos, the crying, the falling asleep at 4:30. My principal caught me in the hallway as I exited the new teacher’s classroom, “How was your day?”

I stopped and turned on my heel, huge smile on my face. I said very loudly, “It was so good. It’s amazing what happens when you actually know what you’re doing!”

He squinted his eyes then smiled and laughed, agreeing with me. I sped-walked down the hall, and there may have been a spring in my step.

As childish and unprofessional as it sounds, there truly is something to having experienced the first day and survived. I knew what to expect out of my students. I knew most of them from previous years so that also helped. I knew how much time it would take us to get through each activity. I knew how to act, what to say, how to say it, what to do when that one kid from my last hour class during student teaching inevitably decided he was too good and too cool for my class (which took approximately fifteen minutes and let me tell you, his football coach will be getting an EAR-FULL from me if things don’t change). I have never professed to be perfect and I never will, but knowing truly is half the battle.

All that to say, yesterday was one for the history books; I felt like a real teacher.

I am Ms. K. Hear me roar.



Any thoughts?

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