Prooooooooooom. *yawn*

This last weekend was prom at Bethel High. All of my sophomores went. I seriously can only name a handful that didn’t go. So of course today is the day their bodies are yelling at them for not getting sleep on Saturday night.

I just set them into group work for the day. We are analyzing the four major characters in Julius Caesar. Each group has to find evidence in the text that supports their character as the main tragic hero. They’re doing their research on index cards for each Act and Scene. It’s a laborious process but they’re good at it if they will concentrate. I was originally going to have them write essays organizing their information but we don’t have time (the writing test is next Tuesday). Instead, I’m going to provide straws and string and they’re going to make graphic organizers in the form of mobiles for their reasons and their support. It’ll be great.

But today we did not start off on a good foot. Instead, they looked at me with sour eyes and muddled thoughts and chatty mouths. So I made them stand up and yell at the wall, to tell it how much Mondays suck. Only a handful played along. I asked them how many went to prom and all of their hands were raised.

I am all about community and experience and “it’s the journey” blah blah blah but this… this ridiculousness of Prom on a Saturday night and the draggin’ on Monday? Uhun. No ma’am. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Prom is great but this is dumb. If 3rd hour comes in here dragging, I’m going to tell them to silently sneak around the entire basement without being seen through a teacher’s window. The first one back who doesn’t make a peep wins.

Either I’m a great teacher or I’m insane. Or both. Or it’s just a Monday.



Any thoughts?

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