It’s a Monday.

I started my 2nd hour class with Kid Snippets. I thought that’d be a good idea. I laughed and so did my students but ten minutes later… during Antony’s funeral speech… they were back to falling asleep. It makes my life very difficult when my 2nd hour can’t stay awake, refuses to be engaged, and can’t focus. I have done everything but run around and act like a monkey, swinging from the ceiling and such… But tomorrow I may have to do just that.

It’s a Monday.

Iced coffee and a real breakfast can’t even help me now. I’m alone on a sinking ship of high schoolers! And as the bleery eyed kids walked out of my room… I knew I needed to seek help — AND QUICKLY.

I googled “ways to keep students awake in high school.” I found this AMAZING list of things. With my on-the-fly teacher’s brain I devised two rules: talk in a British accent when answering a question and throw your pencil on the ground when done with a writing prompt. They ate it up like candy. And lo and behold: our Monday got infinitely better.

Also, I kept thinking of this Olan Roger’s video. It helped me through.

Happy Monday, and remember: you too can be a master commander of Mondays.


Any thoughts?

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