Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year, folks!

Now, as some of my friends gear up for this holiday to be singly-stupid or couple-cuddly, I am taking a new spin on the day. Valentine’s day is about love. Duh. But more than that fluffy, romantic, fifty-bucks-for-roses kind of love… it’s about taking a day out of the whole year to tell people what they mean to you. This shouldn’t be a radical thought. In fact, shame on us for having to set aside a DAY to do something we should be doing all year long. But I digress… It’s also a day for making people feel special.

I will be spending Valentine’s day at Parent Teacher Conferences where I will try to remember how each family is special… (it’ll be difficult). My kind and loving flatmate will be bringing me McAlister’s (with sweet tea of course). She will be spending the exciting night approximately three million miles away from her luvuh, so we will “sulk” together.

The distance and the singleness don’t have to make the night a bust. In fact… I have a huge turn-around for this weekend. On Friday, Noelle and Shante and I are treating ourselves to Safe Haven at the Jones Theater and these two things for dinner:

Paula Deen’s Quick Crab Stew

Betty Crocker’s Tiramisu Cake

That’s right people. It’s gettin’ all fancy up in hurr. I’ll be pairing the meal with a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir. It’ll be nice to just cooke a nice meal and enjoy an evening with the ladies.

Please, take today to tell people you care about them. You don’t have to buy expensive things or have super awesome cards. Just say what everyone is dying to hear, “Hey, I like you. You are loved and appreciated.”

Happy V-Day, Y’all.



Any thoughts?

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