Today has been so crazy. Crazy awesome. I have 5 stories.

Story #1

For starters, it’s Decade Day for Spirit Week. The sophomores are the 70s so I thought I’d go with the flow. I wore mostly normal clothes (apparently): olive green skinny jeans, brown boots, a dusty blue and green plaid baby-doll, a cream sweater and then a blue and brown patterned scarf tied around my head in 70s hippie fashion (don’t forget Shere Khan). I even had on liquid liner to give an edgy tripped out feel.

I went to reheat my coffee cup halfway through 1st period when the yearbook staff caught me and forced me to take a photo.

I’ve gotten many raised eyebrows, a few squints, and then my favorite, “Are you dressed up? The only thing that isn’t normal is the headband. You always dress like this.” So apparently I’m a hipster now and my weird clothing has become a norm. I’d say mission accomplished.

Toward the end of 3rd period one of my less talkative students approached me and asked where I got my necklace from. I told him and he replied, “Oh. Was it a dare? Cause it’s kind of…fierce.” Yes, my child, it was a dare.

Story #2

I have a student who has been suspended since December. He came back this week and to be honest: I was a bit worried. When he gets wound up, it’s not a good situation. But since he came back yesterday we’ve handled things calmly and he seems legitimately eager to make up some of his points. He has to know that I’m not giving him any of those points for free… but if he works: he’ll move on to English III.

He’s quite… social… so when everyone finished their tests today, I knew I was in for a treat. I don’t think he understands how his voice carries. He told the most ridiculous stories. The whole dynamic of the class has changed. There some students who are afraid of him, others are just waiting for him to do something ridiculous, but for the most part: they all laugh at his stupid stories. I am really praying he continues to be a good kid — at least from 10:40 to 12:15. He’s such a smart kid. I hope he proves himself as such.

Story #3

Get the image of my outfit back in your head. Now imagine me sitting at the front of the classroom, head downish, grading essays as students finish their tests. Three quarters of the way through 3rd hour, my principal walks in. Nods. Heads to sit at the back. He looked at the kids, who were sitting very quietly, some sleeping because they were done, others playing on their phones. He squinted. He looked at me, scarf in my hair, hands busy with grading. To a principal, it must have looked like I’m the stupidest teacher ever. I told him we were taking a test and he could come back tomorrow to observe me because our lesson is way more exciting. But meanwhile, I hope he soon forgets how dumb my class must have looked. I know we weren’t doing anything wrong, I was just giving a test. But still…

Story #4

A previous student walked into my class before the bell rang (I let my students out 5 minutes til the bell so they can get to the caf). I was listening to Songza‘s “Indie Roots Rock” channel. My favorite as of late. It’s rocky, it’s hipstery, it’s awesome. The student stood by the speakers for a second and said, “Ms. K, I don’t really miss English II so much, but I really miss the music. No one else plays music and when they do, it’s not this awesome.” Looks like I made at least one convert last semester. I am always listening to music in class (when I’m not talking). I feel like it keeps people awake and keeps the classroom cheery. I’m glad the student enjoyed it.

Story #5

I promised I would share some of my student’s autobiographical stories. So far I’ve read a story about how a girl cut her sister’s finger off with scissors — on accident. I’ve read a story about a kid crashing into a tree with a go-kart and breaking his forehead. One kid had just gotten home from having ankle surgery and he fell off his crutches and broke his right hand and arm. A few of the girls broke their middle fingers from jamming them into waterpark floors or catching a football wrong. I’m only halfway through but boy-howdy… These kids have done some pretty crazy things. I love it.

This afternoon I workout and then head to Line Dancing class — because I’m that cool. Tomorrow is the pep assembly where I will wear a 70s dress and sing “Proud Mary” in front of the entire school.

I love my life and my job.



Any thoughts?

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