The Class Runs Itself (mostly)

Today we’re doing a study guide for our Unit 1 test tomorrow.

I’ll be honest… I spent last night watching TV. I had work to do — and I did some. I started making the test for tomorrow. But honestly, I just wasn’t feeling preparing an entire study guide for this kids. They need to do some of this work.

So then I remembered… Meetings.

I learned this really cool technique at a C3 workshop last summer. I love it. It gets the kids moving around, gives them time limits, and they actually assemble the study guide and discuss the issues all by themselves. If they took notes and paid attention: they’ll do great. I’m also making the study guide a grade.

I’ve attached the Meeting Template. It’s got my instructions for today. I use e.ggtimer to keep track of things. I post it on my ProBoard so the kids know how to pace themselves. I usually do 10-15 minutes for each, depending on how much time we have. But today I’m doing 15-10-5-10. They’ll start off by choosing partners for each of those times — not repeats. At the 12 meeting, they’ll sit with their partner and follow the instructions. For the 3 meeting, the same, and so on. They love it. And I just get to walk around and watch and answer questions as we go.

I love Common Core. Not only do I feel like I can come up with engaging activities on the fly, but I can also get them engaged in a meaningful way. I’m also saving paper which is a shortage these days!

Here’s to a good day.



Any thoughts?

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