Challenge Accepted

Check out Wellie’s blog about our challenge: Challenge Accepted.

The Challenge, unlike the Tiger Necklace and Cardboard Cutout challenges, is triple pronged:

1. We are working out 3 days a week at the RAWC, training for a 5k in April.

2. We are eating healthy healthy healthy! (which we have a great start too, but unfortunately I still, perhaps even more so now, have the appetite of a voracious tweenage boy. It’s more of a curse than blessing, really.)

3. QUIET TIMES. We aren’t allowed to go workout or really talk about our challenge unless our hearts are right. So each morning we are sacrificing sleep (and GMM) to spend at least a half hour with God every morning.

Being healthy is all about mind, body, and soul. Instead of picking one facet of our lives, or trying to take on too much at one time, we’re approaching it with care and calm.

It’s nice to have the accountability of your flatmate/BFFL (which is what I put on my RAWC application. NBD)

The Hipster in me thinks it’s cliche to go on a diet and exercise at the beginning of the year… But you know what: I don’t care. And working out allows me to eat at least twice my normal intake of calories so… I’m diggin’ it.


Visit Noelle’s blog and LIKE THAT SUCKER.


Any thoughts?

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