I got my Mac on with my Macbook Pro.

I recently purchased a MacBook Pro. My old Dell Inspiron Duo processor was on its last leg. But as much as I loved Nellie (that’s what I called her, Nell the Dell), I knew it was time to move on. We parted ways on January 14. I downloaded all of her valuable contents to my massive brick of a hard drive and then back on to my brand-spankin-new MacBook Pro: Alfred.

It wasn’t until Friday evening that I got Microsoft Student and Home. I was eager to make the switch to Mac but not entirely… I’ve been born and bred with a Microsoft state of mind and have built a good mastery of Word processor. And since my school uses Word and most other systems probably use PC and not Mac, I figured I’d stick with the old stuff. Alfred didn’t complain.

I can finally use my Mac for work purposes. And I must say: I love this sucker. It’s fast. It’s compact (I went for the 13″. The nice Genius at the Penn Square Mall complimented me on it). It’s easy to use. And it’s rather sexy — if a computer can be sexy.

All that to say: as a PC’er for life, I’m proud to be a Mac owner now and I recommend the switch to anyone who is on the fence. It’s expensive but it’s great. I feel like tech support is really strong and the learning curve isn’t that bad.

It’s not lame to be working on lesson plans or rubrics on a Sunday night, at least not when Alfred is here.



Any thoughts?

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