The Tiger Necklace Challenge

This is, after all, not just an “Adventures in Teaching” blog…

It’s the year 2013 and I have no classification upgrade, move, or big event coming up. Usually there is the hope of a new year of school, a new job, etc. But this year is just a whole lot of adventure in the every day.

tiger necklace

I was recently challenged to wear this wonderfully hideous tiger necklace for a month straight (Thanks, Noelle). I originally bought the necklace as a sort of odd-teacher statement. This semester is all about getting the kids attention and making a lasting impression. I hope to be remembered as the teacher that challenged students — and wore a really ridiculous tiger necklace. On Friday I wore the necklace with black skinny jeans, snake-skin flats, a teal/olive see-through, military like tank top and a very professional gray blazer. I looked pretty BA if you’ll pardon the French… I always feel empowered when I wear a blazer, but it was really the tiger that made the outfit. I wore it all of last night in the city as well. It drew some attention.

As I tried on a new dress I purchased last night, I was still wearing the necklace. And I must say, it looked pretty good with the deep pink dress as well. And that’s when I was challenged.

Each work day I will be wearing the hideous creature on my neck. I’ll post pictures along with the 20 Minute Reflections.

The other challenge I accepted today was to pose with every single cardboard figure I see. I already have David Tennant and J Biebs down.

I love my life.



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