The First Day of First Days (revisited)

At 7:45 this morning, I became a teacher. A real, real teacher. With a classroom. Students. And a real paycheck to accompany it.

I’m not nervous. I’m not even a bit scared. I’m ready. I’ve had a passion for students and learning since my own sophomore year of high school, at least. After a long road and a lot of work, I’m here. I’ve made a ProBoard slideshow, lesson plans, and I have coffee on my desk. So today WILL be a winner.

This whole process of starting school has made me think about a lot of things I hope to share. Things like not only my philosophy of education but my philosophy of teaching literature and language arts (something no one has ever asked me about before), my disciplining style, and the power of a community in the process of learning.

I have been SO welcomed into the Bethel School district. All of the teachers have reached out to me as I begin my career — even the coaches! They have dropped in my room to say hi and to assure me that I’ll be okay (which only had me a little worried…). Some of the ladies have left me notes and postits and cards to tell me how they’re glad I’m here. Even Mr. Johnson, the Superintendent, met with me yesterday during Open House to see how I was doing, and to talk about Common Core. Which, by the way, I impressed him with the knowledge I had gleaned just from OBU’s run-down of CCS in student teaching (thanks, Dr. James!).

I’m glad God has brought me here. I’m glad this is my first day of first days as a teacher. Boy how the view is different from here than from the student desks!



4 thoughts on “The First Day of First Days (revisited)

  1. You will LOVE Bethel even more as the days go on, Mandi! I went to Dale, the rival school and if I had it to do over again I would have went to Bethel. They have always had great athletics, students, academics, teachers, everything. You are a lovely addition to all of this! I hope you have an awesome first day! Love you! 🙂

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