The Teacher’s Lounge, formerly known as the Parsonage

                At some point in time and in some special place in each adult’s life, one must face reality. Adults must get a house. Have a car. Buy insurance. Procure groceries. Keep a job. And take care of a dog (this is optional). It is through these acts that adults are known for their responsibility, frugality, and shrewdness. And it is these things which I have done this weekend that solidify my spot in society as a budding, contributing member of society.

                Bring on the bills!

                On July 27 I moved into the Parsonage at Heritage Baptist Church in Shawnee. The church has graciously let me and my suitey-for-life, Noelle, rent it out. Our spacious 3 bedroom abode has room (and bathroom)enough for us both with its large kitchen, dining room/living room, and huge backyard. There’s room for all of my books, after the purchase of not 2 but 3 extra bookshelves. There are plenty of cabinets for our dishes, a “coffee-bar” for the new Keurig, and a room big enough for our crafts (also known as Studio L, but more on that later).

                The house is perfect for two teachers just starting out. I lived with Noelle during my sophomore year (her junior year) as suitemates at OBU. Our friendship is one of seamless integrity – having been away from each other for over a year and a half, we’re still just as laughable and quotable as always. As we head into our first teaching jobs, it’ll be nice to have such a friendship to encourage and to help vent the stress and joy of teaching.

                The house is mostly green, beige, and gray. Perfect for my décor and Noelle’s pink room definitely fits the motif of her room. I hope as we move through this year, the new house will become exactly what we need it to be – a Teacher’s Lounge.

(Pictures to be posted soon!)



Any thoughts?

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